Fae & Lupa's Stardew Valley Vanilla+

Fae & Lupa's Stardew Valley Vanilla+

Just a small collection made by Fae and Lupa in order to easily play modded multiplayer with our friends and streaming crew!

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The aim of this collection is to keep to the core of the vanilla game while adding in a few quality of life, aesthetic upgrades, and some cheats to help further customize game behavior. We generally use CJB Cheats to pause time while players are in buildings, the mines, or stuck in story even cutscenes. We added in Automate to also help get the most out of our time. . . also because automate is just plain cool! Many of the mods added are for looks, but quite a few help with adding useful onscreen information to help you better plan ahead and keep track of what is going on around the valley!


Automate, Animated Sprites, Seasonal Townsfolk, Elli's Seasonal Buildings,
Elli's Animals, Romanceable Rasmodius, CP's Icons, & so much more

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