Ridgeside Village Complete Expansion

Ridgeside Village Complete Expansion

The full collection of mods required to visit Ridgeside Village. Tuned to work well with Stardew Valley 1.5.6.

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There is an issue with Vortex right now, where if you tell it to "Skip" the recommendation/requirement pop-up modals, the mod will not enable. Until Vortex is fixed, here is a guide for installing this collection.

Click the "do for all" boxes and click Install. Expect a lot of red errors!

Uninstall (Remove/Delete) any of these mods which may be erroneously installed by Vortex through this collection:

  • AeroCore
  • Custom Gift Dialogue Utility
  • East Scarp (SMAPI)
  • Entoarox Framework
  • Event Limiter
  • Furniture Anywhere
  • ModUpdater
  • PyTK
  • TMXL Map Toolkit
  • Warp Network

If you experience these issues please report using the Feedback feature inside Vortex!

Ridgeside Village is an expansion set in a picturesque village nestled on a ridge above Stardew Valley, adding over 50 new NPCs, and new items, shops, festivals, custom music, quests, and more!

Ridgeside Village adds over 50 new NPCs, a new location, new items, new shops, new festivals, custom music, custom quests, and more!

Thank You

Thanks to all the mod creators for making this collection possible, and thanks to you for downloading and recommending this collection.

Please support creators and recommend the individual mods if you enjoy them!

Optional NPC

  • Leilani is from Ember Island in the Fern Islands archipelago (like her husband!) and works away from the valley for most of the year, but every summer she comes back to spend time with her family, Pika and Keahi
  • June is a traveling pianist who starts working at the Ridgeside Village Log Cabin Hotel after the farmer moves to the valley. He's very polite, but he also seems very private... Combined with the fact that he's only there for half the year, will you be able to put in the time to see who he really is?

Please review optional mods and their requirements when downloading! All requirements ARE included in this collection.

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Aesthetic Valley Compatibility

Please note that while the contents of this expansion should be largely compatible with any of my other collections, some Aesthetic Valley will require some tweaks for a more consistent play experience:

  • Only enable Grandpa's Farm or Immersive Farm 2 (only one of these mods can be active.)
  • Disable Ana's Toned Down Sprites
  • Disable Lumisteria Short Flowery Grass or Wildflower Grass Field
  • Select between Elle's Barn/Coop animals or Farm Animal Facelift

Please note that not all of the Aesthetic Valley tweaks will impact the visuals in Ridgeside Valley and East Scarp.

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