Massive Expansion Fast Loading

Massive Expansion Fast Loading

Modlist with Theoddor's collection as a base with my own personal flair. Hand picked and added more (fun for me) mods! Enjoy.

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SMAPI must be installed manually prior to installing this collection. To run the game with your mods, open Steam --> Library --> right click SDV ---> Properties --> Under Launch Options PUT "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\StardewModdingAPI.exe" %command%

For me (and others?) you MUST have that or the mods won't load.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE THEODDON PATCH near the end of his Google doc. Just manually edit the configs.

Started with Theoddon's Balanced Stardew Valley as the foundation

If downloading manually, go to Mods (beside About) and sort by Category. Download Modding Tools mods first (after downloading SMAPI). Then pick and choose what you suits your playstyle.

I've probably spent 50 hours or more learning about SDV mods and researching/adding/removing which ones I liked best. My first modded Vortex creation had many PPJA mod errors that irritated me - so I started from scratch. Afterwards, I went berserk in literally adding everything that looked interesting... it took 30 - 60 minutes to load the game.

Finally, third times the charm, I started from scratch again and figured I could use a good collection as a base and pick and choose mods that fit my style.

Apparently if you want fast load times (sadly) AVOID == mods that require either PyTK and/or TMXL. This was a game changer. There are a few mods I really wanted that required these ... but alas it's not worth it.

Anyways, this collection is based on aesthetically pleasing mods that (like Theoddon's) provides a very much enhanced (and enchanted ;) ) experience. I'm a big fan of the mines and fun mods like magic, so add or remove any dungeon / magic mods to your liking. Overall, it's a very balanced and (so far) fun experience!

Expansions: Stardew Valley Expanded, Ridgeside Village, Adventurer's Guild Expanded, Stardew Aquarium, and Ranch Expansion.

Theoddon has an AMAZING Google doc guide for the base part of this collection. Then you can pick and choose from the mods I added.

MAKE SURE TO CONFIGURE CERTAIN FILES VIA IN THE MENU UI OR THROUGH THE FOLDERS. After you load the game once. Some rules need to be changed to make it a smoother experience.

If you didn't bother starting with Theo's Google doc, after downloading the collection, he recommends, "Note: A new save is required. Launch Stardew Valley - Create a new game and keep Grandpa’s Farm layout selected. - Watch the intro and wait until you have control of your farmer." DO NOT SKIP INTRO. Some mods can bug out.

Quit and restart the game completely. (Some mods do not load properly on fresh saves until restarting). Now make sure to update your configs via UI Info Suite 2 at the main menu, or through the folders under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Mods

Last tips, Please just edit the config like Theoddon suggested. Then any additional mods, edit them how you would like - and make sure they don't conflict.

IMPORTANT: The Love of Cooking conflicts with Better Crafting. If you use that mod, make sure to disable Better Crafting's cooking menu via the UI Info Suite 2 at main menu.

Lastly, I personally did not install a couple of Theo's mods like Automate, the Tax mod?, or the Cheats menu. Make sure you use his Google doc for the base config editing. There's a lot. Most can be edited via UI Info Suite 2, but if under JSON Config, you gotta manually go into the config files in the SDV mods section in your Program 86 files.

I might add Automate in the future, East Scarp expansion, and other mods that will work on an existing save. Just make sure to avoid mods that require PyTK or TMXL.

Also is your absolute best friend. Love you all, and have fun!

Also, the artwork for the thumbnail is just something I Google'd from a site called ... Behance?. The artist is Jodi Nishijima. Her Twitter is: @Astrolimes I'm not using with art with permission, so I will immediately remove the image if asked to! Also she has some really cool art you should check out.

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