Stardew Megapack

Stardew Megapack

A large modpack containing multiple mods that add content, add story, and provide various quality of life improvements without changing the base gameplay too much. Including dependencies it loads 242 total mods. This takes quite a while to load. It's desi

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Known issues: There are a few places where you can walk off the map. I would avoid doing this. Be careful on certain map transitions between towns. Staying more centered on the path reduces chance of getting stuck. Do not donate to the community center from the deep woods. Loading time is long both on launching the game and loading into the world. I think the average combined time is like 5-7 minutes and I have a AMD 3900X and a GTX 2070. Don't play around with the game window while it's loading. Don't expect to leave the deep woods without a warp totem. Going to the Stardew aquarium can take some load time. Not sure if everyone else has this issue but my windowed full screen doesn't quite fit the screen but going to full screen and back fixes it. Having the game in windowed mode seems to launch the game faster.

Revision 3: Moved pause sync to optional

Try not to pause time unless necessary for other players to load in. Doing so can cause weird issues. Especially if you sleep.

Some Tips: You can carry chests like a bag. You can use East Scarp to go to the mines on day 1. It's technically possible to get a galaxy sword day 1 but good luck. Check the area west of the tunnel often. Especially garden village. The NPC Lavril requires friendship with the other children to unlock and her area is very useful. Quick stack to nearby chests is the greatest thing ever. You can craft with items from nearby chests. The deep woods is extremely profitable if you know what you are doing but you have to unlock the secret woods with a steel axe first. There are a lot of useful secrets on the farm unlocked with upgrading your tools. You can fish on your farm. It's often easier to complete the mixed bundles quickly than the normal ones in this pack. I don't think I modified any configs but you are welcome to change things to how you like them. Chests may appear to outclass bags but bags have their uses. I like having a rucksack and a chest.

Some useful hotkeys Automate: Default Key: "U"

Convenient Inventory: Default Key: "K"

Lookup Anything: Default Keys: "F1" and "LeftShift + F1"

Pause Time: Default Key: "Z" (i believe this is conflicted by better chests so you may want to change one)

A breakdown of the mods in this pack and what they do:

The Big 4: Stardew Valley Expanded. Ridgeside Village. Downtown Zuzu. East Scarp.

These 4 mods are the big content mods in the modpack

SVE changes up the base Stardew map to squeeze in a few more NPCs. It also modifies base NPCs to fit it's story in progression. It also adds several new areas and mechanics. It affects all levels of game play but adds tons of late game stuff

Ridgeside village adds a nearby village to Stardew which you can access via cable-car. There are tons of new NPC and story in the village including many new quests. There's also a cool combat quest north of the village

Downtown Zuzu adds Zuzu city to the game, which is referenced by the main game and many of the mods. By default you can walk there via the walk to the Desert Redux mod and once you unlock the bus and/or train you can get there that way. It adds new NPCs, areas, and buy-able property.

East Scarp is a small town to the east of Stardew valley. You can easily walk to the town. It has several new characters as well as areas to explore. Always raining in the valley and Lavril are add-ons that add more NPCs to the areas with their associated story-lines.

Revision 2: Added Tristan, Ranch expansion, Mr ginger, Joja clerks, and Beatrice to fill out east Scarp more.

Revision 5: Added Yri the Architect to finish off filling out East Scarp

Other area adding mods: Walk to the Desert Redux. Garden Village. Deep Woods. Mermaid Island. Stardew Aquarium.

Walk to the desert allows you to walk through the tunnel and then pass through several maps to walk to the desert. There are many enemies on the path as well as a couple quarries. You can also access Zuzu and garden village from here.

Garden Village adds a village a few maps to the west of the bus stop on the path to the desert. It adds several shops that sell useful items and a few NPCs.

Deep woods add a procedurally generated dungeon similar to the skull cavern except it's a forest. it can be accessed by going south in the secret woods. For more information check the mod page

Mermaid island can be accessed via Willy's boat. It has a few NPCs, shops, recipes, and fish associated with it. Several of the recipe mods are required for this

Stardew Aquarium is a place you can take the train to where you can donate all unique fish to the display for rewards and for effect

"Quality of Life" + small addition mods:

Ancient History -adds additional content to the museum and another NPC.

Animal Patting -If you have a spouse they pat the animals every morning for you.

Attic for Farmhouse -adds an attic to the farmhouse to put stuff in.

Automate: adds the ability to automate machines by connecting them to a chest.

Better Chests -several improvements to chests including, sorting, coloring, quick stacking, carrying with items, and access while carried like a bag.

Better Ranching -improves animal gathering functionality.

Cask Enabled Sheds -lets you put casks in sheds and have them still work.

Champagne Wishes -adds various alcohol related content including aging modded wine.

Community Center Anyway -lets you put stuff in the community center from your inventory at any time.

Convenient Inventory -AKA the best mod ever. Lets you quickly sort your inventory into nearby chests that have stacks of that item already.

Friends Forever - prevents friendship from decaying.

Generic Mod Config Menu -lets you change configuration of mods from the title screen.

Industrial Furnace -adds a large furnace you can build with robin that produces large amounts of ore at once.

Khadija's Recipe Shop -adds a shop that sells a lot of cooking/recipe related items.

Lookup Anything -lets you lookup information about things.

Miss Coriel's Unique Courtship Response -add unique messages when courting villagers.

More Rings -Adds more types of rings to the game with unique effects.

Multi-User Chests -Allows multiple players to access the same chest at the same time.

No Fence Decay -prevents fences from decaying over time.

Pause Sync -this mod lets you pause time. it's only here because it takes a long time for other players to load into the game and time is not paused during this time. Please use responsibly. Hopefully pause time in multiplayer covers this issue so I can get rid of this mod.

Pause Time in Multiplayer -this mod pauses time when all players are taking actions that would pause in single player.

The Love of Cooking -adds a cooking skill to the game and re-balances some food values.

Tractor Mod -Adds a tractor to the game that's similar to a horse but is slower and lets you perform tool actions over an area instead of a single object.

Unlimited players -increases the maximum number of players allowed in the game. default is 10.

Wear More Rings -allows you to wear more rings. default is 8.

Yagisan's Bountiful Valley -adds more variety to foragables and increase the number.

Joja Mart Music -adds music to Joja mart.

Visual mods: Animated mining pack -makes gems and ores animated.

Artisan good icons -updates icons to make them more clear.

Colored seeds -colors seeds based on season.

Enemies Health Bars - provides health bars for enemies.

Experience Bars -add experiences bars for your skills to the UI.

Fashion sense + add-ons -adds various clothing to the game.

NPC Map Locations -shows you were all NPCs are on the map.

Show Birthdays -a birthday UI add-on to help with multiple villagers sharing a birthday.

Zoom Level -Lets you zoom out way more than normal.

All other mods are either dependencies or are self explanatory.

If anyone has any suggestions about to mods to add I'm open to them.

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