SVE Silkyy's Edition

SVE Silkyy's Edition

A (very!) expanded version of Stardew Valley! Includes Grandpa's farm and many quality of life and aesthetic mods. Easy to install, with all required mods included!

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A mod pack made for my sister, but feel free to download as well :)

This (extensive) collection reflects how I like to play the game, so don't feel pressured to download everything! You can always pick and choose from mods that pique your interest.

Main features

Includes expansions such as:

  • Stardew Valley Expanded,
  • Deep Woods
  • Adventurer's Guild Expanded.

Quality of life mods such as:

  • Automate
  • Immersive rings/ponds/professions/tweaks
  • Part of the community
  • Chests Anywhere

Cosmetic mods such as:

  • Fashion sense + included mods for hairstyles, accessories, and clothes
  • Elle's Replacements for animals and buildings
  • Animated objects/fish
  • Simple foliage + more grass

And many more!

Before you start

Everything you need is in the mod pack. There are a few mods at the bottom of the list. I provided links to the external websites since they don't update on Nexus anymore.

Recommended specs

If you're very enthusiastic and want to download the whole collection, I definitely recommend a good setup!

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