The Mandalorian Collection

The Mandalorian Collection

Not frosty ready. CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR MANDALORIAN S2!!! You have been warned. For Instructions on how to install frosty, I will be adding them to the wiki.

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Mod setup guide

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Mandalorian S1 & 2 spoiler alert!

You have been warned.

My personal collection of themed mods that work together for the Mandalorian tv show.
  • Contains a remnant stormtrooper faction replacer.
  • Choice of Dyvine's Mando mod or Piano's Fortnite model.
  • Uses an older version of Dyvines mod so to keep compatible with other mods in frosty.
  • Contains sound replacers for a lot of the blaster sounds.
  • The S1 Mando mod by TyranEauZooRusseRex replaces Lando and is incredible but for large load orders, use the Cobb Vanth Lando replacer instead.
  • I use Moff Gideon replacers for Phasma and Dooku but there are optional files to get IG-11 or Bo-Katan over Phasma though I personally prefer Bo-Katan Leia replacers.
  • Most of the other smaller mods including Paz Vizsla, Piano's Ahsoka, The Armorer, Rescue Luke, and the Darktroopers are fine in most load orders.
  • Mandalorian Ahsoka lines are included but only cover the Rey replacer. The Obi-wan replacer has TCW and rebels lines.
  • You can choose what Boba Fett appearance you want.
  • Now with a Fennec Shand Iden Replacer.
  • Revision 6 includes Hugin's Cara Dune (Untested)

Revision 7/8

  • Now includes Pianos Rosario Dawson Ahsoka ( Currently only audio mods for the Rey replacer.)

Revision 9

  • Rosario Dawson Ahsoka Voicelines
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Mar 03, 2022
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