The Rebels Collection

The Rebels Collection

A Star Wars Rebels themed collection. For Instructions on how to install frosty, I will be adding them to the wiki.

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Mod setup guide

(READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING if you do not have a working mod setup)

Battlefront 2 Modding Wiki

Rebels themed Collection

Requires trial and error within frosty.

My list with this collection.

  • The Imperial faction replacer is probably the largest mod that can be replaced.
  • Vader Rebels appearance or Fifth Brother replacer.
  • Improved Old Master appearance and Crimson Dawn (because I like it) or Eighth Brother for Maul.
  • Grand Inquisitor over Dooku.
  • Seventh Sister over Kylo.
  • Kanan over Luke.
  • Ezra over Anakin. Unfortunately, I have not found a way get Kanan and young Ezra to work at the same time.
  • Hera over Han.
  • Sabine over Leia.
  • Rex over Lando.
  • Gar Saxon over Boba
  • Old Ben or Rebels Ahsoka over Obi-Wan.
  • Rebels Ahsoka over Rey.
  • Fenn Rau over Finn.
  • Imperial Courier Droid over BB-9e.
  • Chopper over BB-8.
  • Thrawn over Iden.
  • Kalani over Bossk.
  • Imperial Super Commandos over the Imperial jump troopers.
  • Zeb over Chewie (Always load as the last model otherwise Chewie's hair clips through.)
  • All the Audio Overhauls.
  • Optional Endor Rex over Han/Assault class
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