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Total Overhaul

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Dilusive's Valheim

Mostly QoL improvements. A little bit of cheese.

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May 01, 2022


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attributions identified in attached media..

Visual improvements & weather tweaks

  • Improve visibility or enhance FPS.
    • I use the Night Gamma mod situationally and otherwise leave it disabled.
  • Custom texture support
    • some custom textures included in drive link.
  • HD Valheim
    • https://www.nexusmods.com/valheim/mods/302


  • Improved archery
    • Quiver with 3 dedicated slots for arrows. Hotkey assignable. HUD.
  • Quick swap toolbar (hotkey toggled toolbar (1-8) access to inventory row 2)
  • 3 additional quick slot item slots with assignable hotkeys (see image: keys 9,0,-)
  • Custom UI
    • my own layout available through config files in drive link.

Crafting, Building, Reparing

  • QoL improvements, less button clicks
  • Repair all equipment with one button press.
  • Repair structures in a limited range with a hotkey while hammer unequipped.
  • Build & Craft with items in nearby inventories.
  • Precision rotation.
    • increase granularity of rotations
    • rotate building items on x,y,z axis.
  • Smart snap points
    • cycle through snap points of the targeted and to-be-built items

Farming and Resource Collection

  • Grid based farming.
  • Hotkey triggered mass resource collect in limited area.
  • Hotkey triggered mass harvest or harvest and replant.
  • The best mod "Plant Everything". Craftable respawning resources.
    • berries, mushrooms, stone etc.

and much more...

I'm regularly tweaking my config files and mods in use to balance fairness and cheesiness. This is tailored to my own enjoyment and nothing else.

Using My Configs & Hotkeys

This drive link contains my config files for the mods (settings & hotkeys), some custom textures, and the HD Valheim (https://www.nexusmods.com/valheim/mods/302) resource files.


!! Before doing anything with these files !!

  1. backup anything you don't want to lose that a fresh install can't fix;
  2. finish installing all mods in this collection through Vortex;
  3. run the game;
  4. close the game;
  5. now you may do the following:
    Copy and replace the entire "Valheim" folder into your Steam's "common" folder. Steam\steamapps\common\


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