Valheim QOL+

Shortens the grind without being overpowered (configuration necessary).

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Valheim QOL+...

Shortens the grind so you can spend more time

  • building
  • exploring
  • battling monsters

and less time mashing buttons on

  • vegetables
  • resource nodes
  • paths


This pack includes...

  • Faster movement on paths so you spend less time holding WASD (configurable, recommend default settings)
  • Crafting items without the need to access containers (configurable, recommend default settings)
  • Item recycling so your old gear isn't eating chest space (configurable, recommend default settings)
  • Mass farming so the fingers on your left hand don't fall off (configurable, recommend default settings)
  • Vein mining so your fingers on your right hand don't fall off (configurable, recommend "progressive" mode for a more balanced experience)
  • A paperdoll UI so you can reserve your inventory for cargo (configurable, recommend default settings)
  • The ability to plant any growable in the game like unavailable flora (configurable, recommend default settings)


Before you start...

Install the mods. It works better that way.


The recommended specs are...

  • NASA supercomputer
  • Microwave oven
  • I don't know bro if you can run Valheim you can run this pack
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Nov 22, 2022
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