Collection of mods collected by PolarisTM for use on my own servers.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the collected mods and I did not develop or publish these mods myself. Credits to their individual authors.

This collection is a group of mods I use on my own servers and recommend my friends to use when playing with me, however feel free to use any of them in your own worlds too.

Most, if not all of these mods, are Quality-of-Life improvements and removals of arbitrary restrictions or prohibitions in the vanilla game that I think are unfair, annoying, or otherwise illogical.

No new content is added to the game from any of the mods, and they are all fully compatible with each other in my experience. Descriptions for each of the used mods provided below. I personally recommend using the Vortex Mod Manager, recommended by NexusMods, to efficiently install and manage all of these mods.

Before you start


Make sure you have the latest version of BepinEx installed, as well as the Unstripped DLLs. Both are available from multiple creators on NexusMods and BepinEx has its own distribution as well.

Although both of these exist as separate mods on NexusMods, I haven't included a specific mod for either of these in the collection itself, because this could cause versioning issues in the future. For example, if I include a BepinEx mod in this collection, and then the publisher for that mod stops updating it, or doesn't update their mod in time with new game versions or bug fixes, then the whole collection would become obsolete. It would be more efficient for you to get the latest version of BepinEx from its developers directly, from their own website.

As these 2 are basic utilities required for any of the below mods to function, any versioning issues with either of them could cause other mods to malfunction, or even cause game crashes. Therefore, I leave the choice to you on where you want to install these utilities from. Just make sure that wherever you download them from is providing you the latest version available.

Source of BepinEx doesn't matter, either get it from NexusMods (there are several mods containing the BepinEx files, or Google BepinEx and download it from their own website directly. I personally recommend getting it from their source website directly to avoid versioning issues.

Unstripped DLLs are also available as mods from many creators on NexusMods itself. Pick whichever has the most recent updates.

Vortex Mod Manager also recommended to install and manage the below mods.

Main features

Names and descriptions of all used mods, categorized by section:


  • Configuration Manager - Provides convenient management and enabling, disabling, and adjustment of all installed mods while in-game. Press F1 to pull up mod management menu.

General QoL

  • Clock - Adds a 12h or 24h clock to the top of the game window, accurate to in-game time. Minor customizations to position and appearance of clock available within the mod itself.
  • No Death Penalty - Removes the skill loss from player death and optionally allows consumed food to be retained upon respawn.


  • Unrestricted Portals - Allows teleportation of all items, including metal ores, through portals.
  • AnyPortal - Allows all portals to connect to any other active portal without having to remember and change portal tags or build separate pairs of portals for each route. Simply select which portal you wish to use from a drop-down list. Also displays the distance from current location to each active portal.
  • IndestructiblePortals - Allows adjustment of damage that portals take from all sources.


  • NoRainDamage - Allows adjustment of damage that structures take from rain.
  • Build Restriction Tweaks - Allows adjustment of settings that restrict or limit placement of buildings and structures - e.g. minimum distance between workbench/forge upgrades, placing certain structures on top of each other.


  • Plant Mod - Allows adjustment of settings that restrict farming - e.g. minimum distance between planted crops, requiring certain biome to plant a crop, requirement of sunlight.
  • PlantGrowProgress - Shows the time until a planted crop is matured/ready to harvest in hours, minutes, and seconds; and as a colour-coded percentage. Feature also available in Plant Mod but I prefer the aesthetics of this one.
  • Plant Everything - Allows planting of items that are not available for players to farm in vanilla, but still exist in the vanilla game world. For example, pickable branches, stones, flint; berry bushes; mushrooms; thistle; and more.


  • TrashItems - Allows easy disposal of useless items directly from inventory as an additional button.
  • Simply Recycling - Allows recycling of crafted equipment and consumables to return used ingredients.

Recommended specs

Whatever the recommended specs are for Valheim itself. These mods are not performance intensive and I haven't noticed major performance changes by using any of them.

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