The Witcher best experience LOREPLAY
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The Witcher best experience LOREPLAY

The best experience possible for The Witcher 1. Maximum quality including: fixes, better UI, HD & lore-friendly textures. This is what I used during my LOREPLAY.

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Feb 14, 2022


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Enjoy The Witcher: Enhanced Edition - Director's Cut in the best way possible. The true vanilla experience, without any gameplay balance and cheats, but visually improved and lore-friendly.

Rise of the White Wolf 🐺

  • Cleaner UI.
  • New unique textures for characters (lore-friendly).
  • New skyboxes.

Bug fixes & new features

  • Project Mersey includes quality of life improvements, tons of restored content. 🙏 Leuvaarden buys salamander badges from you with Mersey.
  • 4GB Memory Patch allows a x86 executable to use 4GB of RAM instead of 2. The Witcher is an old game and those extra GB may improve its stability if you use many texture mods.
  • You can now zoom and unzoom widely with the mouse wheel.

⚠️ Run the 4gb_patch.exe and select GAMEFOLDER/System/witcher.exe.

  • Reverend's beard texture.
  • Kalkstein and Leuvaarden clues.
  • Han gives han.

HD & AI enhanced

  • AI upscale textures + The Witcher overhaul + Rise of the White Wolf.
  • AI upscaled 720 ➡️ 1080 introduction video.
  • AI upscaled loading screens and memories.
  • Already contains the Dontforceminreqs Low Res Texture Fix, forcing the game to use high-res textures.
  • Already contains the Rain fog remover.

Details from later games

  • Hiuuz's astonishing textures from The Witcher 3.
  • Foltest from The Witcher 2.
  • Kaer Morhen textures from The Witcher 3, only applied to Kaer Morhen walls.
  • Complete sword overhaul: imports swords from TW2 & TW3 in TW1. With HD textures and Rise of the White Wolf icons.

Ambient occlusion for Nvidia users

  • Adds realistic shadows on every edges.

⚠️ Open the Nvidia Profile Inspector, select The Witcher, then import the profile (.nib) and apply.

  • You might want to disable ingame antialiasing in the options.

Optional files

  • 4K fonts increase the size of every text. Useful if you play on higher resolution than 1920*1080.
  • Lovely Gwent texture on the dice board.

Wanna go further?

These following mods are not in the collection. They are suggestions if you want to add useful features that aren't in the base game. I haven't tested them.

  • Walk Enabler adds a button to walk in third person.
  • Witcher's Hut fixes a reward being useless in Chapter IV. Requires a bit of manual installation, see the mod page for instructions.

Wanna cheat a little?

As I said, I prefer the vanilla experience. So these are not in the collection, but you can install them anyway, they exist and may make The Witcher 1 less painful I admit.

Many thanks to the amazing modders who gave their time and love to improve The Witcher 1 over the years.

I used their mods for my LOREPLAY on The Witcher. The latest videos are in 4K if you want to check how it looks, although I have made the collection afterwards and Geralt doesn't have the striga scar, some walls use Kaer Morhen's textures etc... LOREPLAY is a let's play but with maximum quality, difficulty, and lore explained while playing. And memes. 👀


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