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Witcher Enhanced Edition Gold

All the mods you need for The Witcher Enhanced Edition!

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Mods in almost every category, if you have any suggestions just tag me on the nexus next discord or add me at Adeptus Freemanicus#2366 or comment (when it's added).

Models and Textures

AI Upscale Textures by hub997 - Retextures most of the game.

Realistic Moon HD by Elinos - Better more Realistic moon.

Reverend Beard Texture Fix by ltsheppard - Fixes Reverend's Beard.

The Witcher Overhaul Project by lexo1000 - Many changes for the witcher.

Visuals and Graphics

Rain fog remover by hub997 - Removes the annoying yellowish fog from the game.

Improved HD Lightsources by NorthernPike - Better looking Lightsources


Greater Item Stacking by DeJuanNOnley - Makes the game slightly easier without being a cheat.

Meditate Anywhere and More by ReaperAnon - Again makes the game easier.

More Talents by DeJuanNOnley - More talents not cheats (:

Plentiful Herbs for TW1 by Corylea - Makes the game a little easier.

Rise of the White Wolf Enhanced Edition by rustine - Many needed game tweaks.

Weapons & Armour

Complete Sword Overhaul by DarthDeadMan - 1px Swords no longer.

Dagger Overhaul by DarthDeadMan - Same as the last but for dagger users.

Better leather jackets by DarthDeadMan - Better looking jackets.

Miscellaneous & Bug Fixes & User Interface

Fair Kalkstein Mod by Corylea - Stop Kalkstein's scams now!

Fairer Trade by arvydasz - Gib me my moneys.

Faster Movement Mod by Bad213Boy - Sanic time.

Permanent Bodies Mod by lexo1000 - Your "friends" will "stick" around now ;)

Quests tweaks by FissileCore - Quest Improvements.

Missing Kalkstein and Leuvaarden Clues Fix by didymos - Minor Bug Fixes.

MinHudMod by tommy5761 - Better Hud.

The Witcher Alchemy Mod - Better Color Coding by tommy5761 - Lot Better Colors For Alchemy.

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