Quality of Life Pack

Quality of Life Pack

Mods that tweak minor game mechanics that can get annoying after multiple playthroughs, such as weapon and armor degradation, limited oil usage, small inventory size etc.

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So you started your 573rd playthrough of the Witcher 3, and maybe you want to experiment a little this time around, without breaking immersion? Or maybe you're an absolute completionist, and you want to loot every single container in the game without having to worry about guards or inventory management issues? Or maybe you're looking for a way to min-max your damage output in every encounter? Don't worry, this collection's got you covered!

The main purpose of this collection is to get rid of those annoying minutes you spend in inventory screens, to allow you to focus on what's most appealing about the Witcher 3: the world. No more looking each enemy up in the bestiary, no more re-applying potions, no more toggling between quests to make quest markers appear on the map. No more bad or random versions of items, no more worrying about inventory slots, no more worrying about overleveling, no more worrying about items breaking, no more annoyingly small vendor budgets and finally, no more fear of missing out on possible items.

The mods in this collection modify the game's mechanics in a way that does not interfere with immersion, or does so only minorly. You are free to omit mods to your liking, for I am aware that some of these mods are contested (e.g. autoloot).

As always, make sure you use the script merger after installing the collection. These mods are all compatible with the Game Of The Year Edition (1.31). If the game gives you a script error on startup, where it says it cannot find certain variables in specific lines of the game's scripts, it's usually fine to delete those stated lines overall, as the mods have probably made the variable the game's script asks for obsolete. Look up the error messages you get though, as you don't want to delete crucial lines of code. However, since these mods are all compatible with each other, this is unlikely to happen.

On a final note, some recommendations:

  • modMapQuestObjectives has multiple versions. Essentially, the full version adds vendor markers. As this is a feature I like, I recommend it, but you are free to choose.
  • Autoloot has multiple versions. The one included in this pack disables the stealing mechanic and picks up everything, including plants and enemy drops. I even use it with an automatic key presser, to automate looting even further. Luckily, the loot filters, controls and mechanics are highly customizable, so I refer to the mod's page for further instructions.


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