semi-realism horde and gun

semi-realism horde and gun

missing some mods that ill add externally in the description so far its a modpack about longterm extreme power, a mix of arcade fun with semi realism, loot is something you will never find in bulk because who stores 15 cans in their cabinet and leaves ext

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im looking for realistic combat and the fate of the worlds inventory a more desolate exploration and looting when it comes to ransacking houses you werent the first or last you gotta be amazing at looting to find anything that the others couldnt

Main features

quick reminder of what to expect hordes are hordes never just one extra rare bags drop often with bullets and food hunting zombies yield rewards there will be more zombies if you use guns they will attract the other hordes and those in hearing distance and attract screamers and scouts sooner sneaking is your best friend extra rewards at night including increase in lootstage and gamestage high risk higher reward guns are easier to find at shops money gets the world going in terms of shops merchants have their inner circle and are uncontested for a reason you will find everything you need as a customer there open 247 kicked out once during the change of stock

Before you start

you need eac off for some of these mods go to steam and hit play and click the alternative option instead and turn off eac and run and set as default and youre good to go


  • these are needed for the modpacks arcade style nothing too brutal carry to your hearts content u mule<3

Recommended specs

  • GPU 1650 tested at 60fps
  • RAM 8gb minimum
  • CPU anything i7 or equivalent for sure

Compatible collections

none so far this has a lot of tweaks

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Oct 17, 2022
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