Cosmopolitan Night city- Nico's CP77

Cosmopolitan Night city- Nico's CP77

This collection contains "CNC" ; change the language of V and a lot of NPCs too. Easy installation (with a FOMOD).

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This collection contains CNC, for change the language of V and a lot of NPC. Easy installation with a fomod for custom choice ! Works with CP1.61

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Main features

Just look at the "Cosmopolitan Night city ( The Multilingual experience Mod)" mod page for more info :


EN-US Cyberpunk 2077 localization only !!! Look at the mod page if you use another CP77 localization.


Choose between the 3 optionnal download :

  • Donwload&install the "All collection" version is you want all.
  • or donwload&install the "Only V" version is you want change V language only.
  • or donwload&install the "Only NPCs" version is you want change NPCs language only.

With the fomod included in the 3 "Cosmopolitan Night city mod" files of this collection :

  • You can choose between the classic way install (ARCHIVE) or the new way install (REDMOD). But REDMOD install requires the REDmod DLC off course !
  • You can choose what NPCs you want change or not, it's very customable !

Compatible collections

All my "Nico's CP77" collections have been designed to work together, but they are separate from each other ! They are also autonomous if you prefer to download just some of them (because it's more convenient for updates, and it gives the user more choice).

--> All Collections require the base collection. (nor require for Cosmopolitan Night city collection but requires for the all "Nico's CP77" collection)

  • "Base for CP77 - Nico's CP77" : Very HARD REQUIEREMENT.

DL here =

--> And you can then add the ones you want, or all. They all have a specific purpose and theme.

  • "Best of VirtualAtelier - Nico's CP77" : This collection contains Virtual Atelier and Virtual Car Dealer, and the best shops (and items) for them !

DL here =

  • "Only Gameplay ++ - Nico's CP77" : My personnal Cyperpunk2077 collection for gameplay overhauled !

DL here = and the french trad here =

  • "Better NPCs&Place- Nico's CP77" : improve the appearance and relationships with the main characters of the story !

DL here =

  • "Better Female V - Nico's CP77" : improve V's creation appearance, and V's Body.

DL here =

---> Those two there doesnt require "Base for CP77 - Nico's CP77" but it's compatible and very cool:

  • "Multilinguale CP77 - Nico's CP77" : For a multilingual CP77 experience !

DL here = or alternate version here =

  • "Edgerunnerise CP77 startup screen!" : for Edgerunnerise your CP77 with 5 mods !

DL here =


Thanks to all the (Mod) author . Skyrim and Cyberpunk modders community are so great. They really do a crazy job. Go endorse your favorite mods !

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