Lucy Custom Start mods

Lucy Custom Start mods

This is a compilation of all needed mods for the "Lucy custom start" mod. Hope you'll enjoy it :D

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What's following is just the original desciption of the mod :

Lucy is of Japanese and Polish descent, and was selected at a young age after having taken a proficiency test–alongside 12 other children–to receive training at an undisclosed Arasaka facility and become a netrunner. Being led on by the dream of "serving the world's most powerful megacorp" one day, got her and the others through the toughest days and training.

When their training concluded, they were moved underground to participate in deep dives into the pre-DataKrash Net, as Arasaka sent them looking for knowledge that was lost. As they dove into the Net, they were susceptible to old world daemons and rogue AIs. The children were picked off one by one, and it didn't take long until only a handful of them were left. After realizing that they could pursue other dreams, instead of being enslaved by the corporation, the remaining children, including Lucy, used their netrunning skills to overwhelm the Arasaka staff and escape. While making their escape, most of the children were shot down one-by-one, and only Lucy managed to survive. After escaping, Lucy woke up in a junkyard, not planning to stay long. Roaming from place to place, eventually she ended up in Night City, no longer feeling like she was being chased by the megacorp.

After being in Night City for some time, Lucy joined Maine's edgerunner crew, where she was mentored by another netrunner named kiwi.

Lucy's Night City Beginning (This is what I believe to be Lucy's story between her escape and joining Maine's crew.)

Lucy escaped with the highest quality netrunning cybergear. After waking up in the junkyard, Nomad territory, she joined a Nomad clan and ran with them under the alias V. A monowire user betrayed the clan and tried to sell her back to Arasaka. She survived and had the monowire installed. She then meets Jackie. She eventually decides to use her real name around the time she joins Maine's crew.

Instructions Start a New Game Select Nomad Select Female Apply Face Preset Play

Lucy is OP...Recommended Difficulty - Very Hard

Starting Stats Level 20 Street Cred 1 Body 12 -- Athletics 6 Intelligence 18 -- Breach Protocol 10 -- Quickhacking 15 Reflexes 10 -- Blades 4

Equipment Full Netrunning Outfit (Pants, Bodysuit, Shirt, Visor) Lucy's Pistol (Legendary) Standard V's Nomad Equipment

Cyberware Deck - Netwatch Netdriver MKV (Legendary) -- Ping (Legendary - restored) Arms - Monowire (Epic) -- High-capacity Battery, Physical Damage Circ System - BioConductor (Rare), Bioplastic Blood Vessels (Epic), Tyrosine Injector Frontal Cortex - EX-Disk (Legendary), Ram Upgrade (Rare), Self-ICE Hands - Smart Link (Legendary) Skeleton - Bionic Lungs (Uncommon), Synaptic Signal Optimizer (Rare)

Perks 38 Perks have been assigned to match what she'd likely have been trained in by Arasaka and the Nomads. She has 7 attributes and 9 bonus perks due to starting her training at a very young age.

Required Mods: Lucy Body Lucy Face Preset & Makeup Lucy Hair Lucy Pistol Appearance Change Unlocker ArchiveXL Cyber Engine Tweaks cybercmd Eyelashes and colors Eyes LOD Fix Kala's Eyes Standalone V Version Material and Texture Override Morph Texture Removal RED4ext redscript TweakXL -KS- UV Texture Framework 2.0 Restore Legendary Ping

Optional Mods: (Because Lucy likely changed to her anime outfit sometime after living inside Night City) Lucy Bodysuit Lucy Jacket Lucy Pants

Main features

Well, you start the game à lvl20. Lucy outfit Lucy stats (sort of)

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