EGO: Gameplay, Content, QoL

EGO: Gameplay, Content, QoL

Light weight modlist built for the best gameplay experience. Includes EGO and all the bells and whistles, plus some tedium removing alterations.

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A collection focused on gameplay and removing tedium. Built around IxionXVII's excellent Enderal Gameplay Overhaul (The best mod) and adding content that makes sense for the experience. No graphics mods (besides the mandatory enhanced blood textures). Light weight, very little performance impact.

Main changes to EGO are done through the optional patches, things that I felt added little to the experience were reverted. The list also includes TK dodge, with how deadly mages are with EGO I find the dodge almost necessary. Remember to open the mod menu and change the keys to your liking.

Secure Chests act as they do in vanilla, they're a shared stash inventory. This cuts down on potential tedium, no need to fly back to town every time you want to drop off a boatload of loot, just drop it off in the chest and get back to the fun stuff.

Starting skills start at 10 rather than 5, allowing you more options in the very difficult early game.

Apparition regeneration brings that skilltree on par with summoning, it's more interesting so might as well make it just as good.

Relationship messages brought back because of the twist they add to a certain questline.

I also added every bit of dungeon content that felt balanced with the game, Enderal is already a very content rich rpg, so why not add even more?

Carry weight increased significantly with double ice claw bonus and +70 from EGO. I don't find trips back to town very exciting. This means the player will probably have more options (good) and more money. Money is already very tight in Enderal, so having more of it at the tail end of the experience just gives you more chances to use the amnesia shrine.

Amnesia shrine is also added, lets you respec. RPGs without respec punish experimentation, so now you can respec any time. The cost will be in having to buy a whole new set of learning books, good thing you have more money now.

KataPUMB's gameplay additions were also added because they're a lot of fun to play with, and blink gives mentallism a much needed selling point.

I highly recommend playing this modlist on novice, apprentice, or adept. Difficulties only increase enemy damage, and they do a LOT of damage. Violens is included in this modlist so you can turn off enemy killmoves, if you don't you will be locked into watching yourself get murdered by the bad man with a 2 handed weapon while you have >50% hp.

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