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This collection uses some mods to turn Fallout 4 into having a more Metro style game play.

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It's a Collection to make Fallout 4 a little more like the Metro games and books with the currently available mods on nexus. This collection more tries modify the whole world and tinker with weapons to match those found in the metro tunnels.

Main Game Play features

*The main game play features to this collection are things like poisoned air that requires gasmasks/filters for any extended stay outside, a sci-fi weapon remover for laser/plasma guns because none except a rail gun showed up in the Metro series, a mod to replace super mutants spawns with raiders, and the subway runner that keeps you from needing to stay on the surface to get around. Weapons in the collection range from accurate representations in the games to guns that are only in the books.

Best practices

The best way to get the most out of the collection is to tinker it to what you feel like it should be as everyone has a different memory of the Metro games and there are limitations of trying to emulate it in another game. Add extra bits to this collection how you want it to go thought Russian/Soviet mods will be more in line with the goal of this collection. You may also want to add Snow effects to your liking thought may want to use the Frost mod to make Npc wear winter clothes

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