Explore and More for 3.98 Endurance
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Total Overhaul

Revision 8

Explore and More for 3.98 Endurance

3.98 Endurance, Planet Generation, Enhanced Details, More Color Variety, Flight Tweaks, Fast Scanner, Quality of Life, Balanced, Base Building

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Jul 26, 2022


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All mods in this collection have been updated to be compatible with Endurance 3.98 as of revision 7.

Updated for game version 3.98 Endurance on August 3rd, 2022

Last tested on game version 3.98 Endurance on August 11th, 2022


  • Improve exploration and immersion
  • Perfect for a first play through or if you want a fresh experience on a game you love.
  • Flight tweaks
  • Visual enhancements and fixes
  • Terrain generation improvement
  • More planet variety, more ship colors, darker space
  • No cheat mods included


Before you start ( Please read )

! Existing Save Compatibility !

This Collection uses Better Planet Generation. Installing this collection will change how the terrain is generated in every biome. It is recommended to install it while in a space station / anomaly / freighter and NOT on a planet's surface.


  • Have fun

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  • Post on the forums or message me on discord koedbymonkey#0001 if you have any issues

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Issues and Disscussion

Here is a link to the forums with screenshots of temporary solutions to the overlapping freighters bug until HG fixes it.

Visit the forums or message me on discord koedbymonkey#0001 to report any issues with this collection. Please include any other mods you have installed that are outside of this collection in the post. I will try my best to look into any issues. Thank you and enjoy!

Latest Bug Reports for NMS [ Reddit ] | [ Steam ]

Known issues

Duplicating/overlapping rooms and random build-ables spawning on freighters and crashing on freighters if you stay on them too long are bugs in the current version of NMS. Unfortunately there are a lot of reports of crashing when teleporting or exiting ship when landing as well.


Success rating

6 votes

Success rate

Revision 8


6 votes

Revision 7


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