Bijin Realistic Hair Tutorial YBMT

Bijin Realistic Hair Tutorial YBMT

This is meant to work with my All In One collection OR you can go do all of the Bijin requirements yourself. Just go the first link below.

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  • This does not include any Bijin Mods so you will need to go to this page if and look at the required files if you wish to install it that way:
  • All In one Required Files Mod Link:
  1. Please check this. /\
  • My All in one Collection:
  1. NOTE: This may be quite costly on fps.
  2. Know you will always have better luck learning how to mod yourself. These required are all given to you in the mods page tab, and they worked perfectly for me with all of this. Also I hope you don't have any Bijin textures, bodyslides, or anything else that affects the body but that is all said in those mod pages which is why I suggest doing this yourself. YBMT is meant so you can use your own skins so if you want to rely on bijin skins and bodyslides, I have no idea how that will work or if it will at all.

Lets begin right away!!

    • Yes, the old version of USSEP.
    • Please get YBMT (For Original AIO), Seranaholic, and Valerica if you have those installed. This is made for them.
    • Once you have these two files installed manually, find the .7z file within both of them. Drop them into your favorite manager NMM. That is all you have to do for the compatibility patch. You might need to extract the files to find it but it's just a sheet of paper looking thing, similar to how you or we installed SKSE and SKYUI.

Disabling Bijin .esp

  • Now, go to the Plugins page on NMM and disable Bijin NPCs.esp, Warmaidens.esp, Wives.esp
  • (Media Picture)

Mod Rules

  • Make sure your mod Rules are the same as mine in the Media Picture
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