Together Reborn Galactic Pretty

Together Reborn Galactic Pretty

Skyrim Together Reborn + Ultrawide fix + Galactic Fever's Mod list + visual improvements

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Skyrim Together Reborn with Galactic Fever's Modlist, an ultrawide fix, and some visual upgrades that seem to be stable. I did not create Galactic Fever's mod list, just compiled it into a collection with some additions.

Main features

Adds some visual and gameplay overhauls to Skyrim Together Reborn

Before you start

Original mod list:


  • Requires SKSE Aniversary Edition Build:
  • Skyrim Together Reborn - follow this guide:

Best practices

  • Overwrite in the order of the original mod list.
  • Use Skyrim Special Edition, disable or do not Skyrim use anniversary edition.
  • To set your preferred aspect ratio you need to edit an .ini in users/yourname/documents/mygames/skyrim special edition
  1. Delete SkyrimPrefs.ini.base and SkyrimPrefs.ini.baked
  2. edit SkyrimPrefs.ini
  3. Change the values for iSize H= and iSizeW= to the display resolution of your monitor
  • Add this ENB (obsidian version):

--Additional visuals--

  • Allow Skyland to overwrite blended roads
  • Allow High Poly Project to overwrite everything

Recommended specs

Not a potato

Compatible collections

Your mileage may vary

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