Stardew Valley Expanded Mods -Don

Stardew Valley Expanded Mods -Don

The collection that I use for Stardew Valley Expanded, made for easy access for my friends who would like to grab the ones that I use.

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Mods that I use for Stardew Valley Expanded

Main features

The expanded mod, enhanced wind effects, tractor, and cheats (What?!? I've already played the grind many times, I just want to get to the fun bits now!!)

Before you start

This mod holds all of the required downloads for each of the mods, ensure that if you are only downloading part of the collection that you also get the supporting downloads for them.


  • Please check the individual mods if downloading separately

Best practices

  • Use with Vortex and recommended to download COMPLETELY (Don't forget to Deploy them!)

Recommended specs

Windows 10 or higher

Most GPU 8 RAM 3.0hz or higher CPU

Compatible collections

Other collections that can be installed alongside this collection. I have no idea for this, I just use these and am not interested in getting anymore at this time.

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