My Favorite Stardew

My Favorite Stardew

My personal collection that I love to play in Stardew!

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My personal collection for an ideal and stable experience in Stardew Valley.

Main features

Primarily uses Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) and compatible mods.

This collection uses Immersive Farms 2 as the SVE map but you can substitute the "Grandpa's Farm" as the map if you prefer, and it is recommended as a first playthrough.

Optional Mods

There are a lot of optional mods that I always play with that some would consider major cheating, I personally love them so I always play with them but they have been added as optional.

Check SMAPI for updates/deprecated mods

When you first run Stardew make sure to check the SMAPI window for any mods that need to be updated, especially if there are any unofficial or unsupported mods. Feel free to comment on here if a mod is no longer supported or the version on here is outdated and I will get it updated.

Mods with Configuration Options

Many of these mods have specific config settings as well and I have tried to highlight all the mods with specific configuration settings below. Typically you can play with the default settings but I recommend checking out these mods specific pages and adjusting the settings to what you want them to be.

Mods where I change configs:


Stardew Valley Expanded

Mobile Phone

Mobile Catalogues

Skull Cavern Elevator

Mods where I use default configs:

CJB Item Spawner

Farm Type Manager

Elle's Seasonal Buildings

DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolour

Medieval SV Expanded

Medieval Buildings

Seasonal Outfits

Spouses React to Play Death

Way Back Pelican Town

Chests Anywhere

Gift Taste Helper

Wear More Rings

Auto Fish

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